is this 'red blotch' or leaf burn?

petrushkaJune 14, 2013

put my bulbs on the balcony 2 weeks ago. were healthy. been raining a lot, especially last week, they got drenched, but are mostly in bark and perlite, so drain well.
some days were very hot and sunny. just noticed on the underside of one leaf red blotches, feels rough to the touch. not insects. top of the leaf looks ok. other leaves on the same bulb ok, except some have small red spots on the underside only. I think 1 week ago they were all fine.
the affected leaf is the newest one, it was turned underside to the sun. could it be 'sun burn' or might it be virus?
other bulbs next to it have no problems.

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I doubt very much that this is a virus, most initial stage of the disease stagonospora. Tip: spray the plant with a solution benlate \ benomyl 1%. This part of the leaf is green will not, if the damage is small - can be cut off after spraying.

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I wiped the leaves with 50% peroxide(3%)+ water yesterday (found in posts) and brought the plant indoors to dry up the soil and isolated it in a very sunny window.
not sure I understood about the leaf. can I just cut it off to limit the infection. and then spray the other leaves?
the bulb doesn't have any red marks. so I would assume it's just the leaves that got it?
I will look for fungicide with benlate.
I've seen captan and thiomyl mentioned too.
but I only currently have Chlorothalonil (marketed as Daconil). could that be used too or not?
and I also saw recommendation to use systemic (imidacloprid), which I have and actually it is already in the soil. i'll add more. this is to prevent spread by insects?

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