Question on Musa Basjoo pups

nannerbelle(8A)September 27, 2008

Hi all, I've got a couple of nice pups I separated in the spring from the mom and currently have them in a pot on my deck. The spot I had them in wasn't a good spot for them so I put them in a pot to gain some strength before transplanting them into one of my beds. However I didn't get them transplanted. The pot is getting pretty small for them so I'm thinking of putting them in a larger pot for overwinter in my greenhouse or house then transplanting to a nice bed in the spring. My question is should I transplant them now to a larger pot or just trim back and overwinter in the greenhouse until spring in the same pot? They are tough little guys, I don't want to do anything that may harm them. I look forward to having them in one of my beds with plenty of room come spring. Thoughts???

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With basjoo in your zone you shouldn't have any problems, but I used to put them in larger pots with more soil in the winter for insulation when I was living in zone 8a, and kept them in an unheated greenhouse. The one thing to watch out for is overwatering, because that can rot certain species when it is cold.

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Thanks Tropiclvr, that is what I thought but being pretty new to bananas I wanted to check with folks with more experience than me. Thanks for the advice!

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