Dwarf Cavendish

anthony340September 17, 2008

what signs should I look for when deciding to repot my Dwarf Cavendish? I'm still confused about "pups". I noticed something white coming up from my potted plant. Is this a pup starting to develop? What about pot size. Should I purchase a pot with width rather than depth to accommodate the root system.

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I started with a dwarf cavendish..now I have 3 of them! Argh! If you want the plant to get bigger, then put it in a bigger pot. The pups will turn green and look like leaves coming out of the ground near the mother plant. I finally took the pups from the mother plant this summer, it killed the mom, but new ones sprouted from the mother itself, and the pups I transplanted are now 4 feet tall. They are both large, and the one is in an 8 inch regular size plastic pot. The other I just transplanted into a gallon sized plastic pot. They are both doing well, amazingly. I hate taking them inside but I have to soon, they look terrible when the cold weather hits, and our house is usually cold cold cold! This time I'm going to remove any pups that develop, I have too many bananas as it is! :D So far none have produced fruit. Not sure when that will happen, or if it will happen.

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stevexyz(Dallas, TX 8)

do you think you can send me a pup or two. i have been looking for a dwarf cavendish for months. i would be really happy if you could.

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