Question re top-bar hive with mesh bottom

lbgardenboy562(SoCal Sunset22)May 7, 2009

Howdy all.

I built a top-bar hive with a wire mesh bottom and installed a package of Italian bees three weeks ago.

I've observed an interesting behavior with my new bees and wanted to run it by some more experienced beekeepers.

The returning foragers do not enter the hive to make the nectar transfer to the house bees. Apparently, from what I can see, they do it through the mesh bottom. I haven't seen the actual transfer, but the foragers will be on the wire mesh for 1-3 seconds and then they are off again. I'm assuming they are passing the nectar, as comb is being built and very few foragers enter the hive thru the entrance, except at the end of the workday..

Has anyone else seen his behavior?

Dick Barnes

Long Beach, Calif.

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To answer your question, I've not observed that behavior since i don't have a TBH. I'm interested in your experience though since I'm about to try one. Assuming you started with an empty TBH, how long did it take your package to get comb established and start laying? How did you feed them while that was occuring? I'm real interested in what effect a TBH has on the varroa mites.

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