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jjgncSeptember 1, 2006

6 weeks ago I obtained 13 bamboo seeds from an Ebay seller. I planted the seeds in a small clay pot with Miracle Grow-laced seed starting soil. One week ago the first bamboo arose from the soil. There are now five bamboo seedlings growing quite rapidly. The tallest seedling is now 2 inches in height and has a healthy looking stem and leaf. Today, one more poked through the surfacem making for the total of five.

The bamboo I planted is a running bamboo, specifically a "water bamboo". I am concerned about the rhizomes intermingling and damaging each other. At what point should I transplant the seedlings into a larger pot? This one is rather small. Should I go ahead and separate the seedlings into their own pots?

I am new at bamboo seed planting, in fact I am new to bamboo care period.

Any assistance would be great! Thanks.

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I have running bamboo its a great plant if you have the space for it.mine is two years old and in the ground, it spreads. I would try to find a place in the ground for it before it get to cold. your sounds like its still real small,so you may want to winter it in inside. try putting one in the ground I bet it will take off.
Stay Wild and Wonderful in Weat Virgina

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I'll probably winter the healthiest three of them...and the other two I will plant in the ground and hope for the best. Do you think they would survive the winter? NC generally has mild winters...but we do have some real cold snaps. I will wait until they develop a second leaf before putting them in the ground.

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Another shoot sprang up two nights ago. They are all still in the pot, as I didn't want to disturb the stems before they were strong enough to be transplanted. It shouldn't be a problem. They are so strong looking that I'm tempted to transplant them all into the ground because they are growing so rapidly. I am impressed by the fact they popped up in the first place being I got them off of Ebay, and secondly because they are so strong looking. Starting to look like I have a winner.

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gdr41(pa. z6)

Hi, I have started a couple hundred water bamboo seeds in dixie cups. about 5 seeds in each cup, been doing this since early spring. My oldest seedlings are over a foot high. If you pot is bigger than a dixie cup, my advice is let them get at least 4 inches tall then put each in a 1 gallon pot.The rizhomes won't be big enough to be tangled. It's true that once in the ground they do grow faster, but seedlings that young I would leave in the pots outdoors for this winter, Only bring in during cold spells. Dry indoor heat is hard on water bamboo. keep them well watered, easy on the fertalizer. Then put them in the ground come spring. You can put about an inch of grass clipping as mulch on your pots, bamboo love grass clippings. And they like full sun.

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