Pups.......... Im a newbie too!

todd1234September 7, 2008

I have a large plant from which 5 other plants are growing...approaching winter soon, im not really sure what to do with the pups. Can or should i seperate them or leave them. One other thing i was concerned about..this plant (the large one) is about 7 tall..should i cut all the leaves off or cut the stem to include all the leaves before i prepare for winter. Not really sure...i would be really upset if these plants die. HELP!!!



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Ok bud here's the deal, if you plan to overwinter the plants, take the pups from mother plant when you dig them up for the season in Va do this before first frost, if the pups are still small under 24" replant them in a pot v/s trying to get them to go dormat for the winter they will more than likely die if they are too small, if you plant them in pot they should do well with little water & light. You can leave the pups with mother plant & they will prolly grow back next season. The pups you can leave the leaves on if you pot them, if you are overwintering them cutt all the leaves back to the main stem but don not cut the main stem it may cause rot & kill plants, again do not cut the psuedostem just trim the leaves to the main stalk about an inch or so from stem is ok. Shake all the loose soil from rootball & store in cool dry place, dark is best as well, and you are good to go, main thin is to keep rhizome/root from freezing that is sure death to plant if it freezes.


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stevexyz(Dallas, TX 8)

Remove the pups before winter and put them in pots and bring them inside for the winter. on the main stalk what I would do is go out and buy some insilation and wrap that all upthe stalk from 1 foot above the ground to about 1 foot from where the leaves are. then mulch the foot closest to the ground up to where the insulation starts. then get some plastic mesh to holdthe insilation on.

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