Now a good time to overseed with Bermuda

adi_az_gwAugust 9, 2014

Hi all,

We are located in the Phoenix area. We have a patchy lawn with bare patches without grass. I want a thick, and dense lawn. Is now a good time to overseed with Bermuda?

I think we have at least a month of warm season left. Is it too late to seed?

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This is a fine time to seed bermuda. Be patient and apply frequent irrigation.

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Ok now with Bermuda, but why not wait a few months till November when you have to reseed again. By the way, next week is supposed to dip down to a chilly sub 100 possibly. Get out your turtlenecks and overcoats!

Actually I always loved a lawn, but the best thing I ever did was get rid of it. I don't have to mow it every week. Don't have to reseed it, dump fertilizer all over it, water it and have way less mosquitoes. I don't necessarily have all native plants but have many that survive here on less water and still have a lush look. But it's a free country, so do what you want.

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toucan, no one "has" to reseed in the fall. I never plant a winter lawn over my bermuda. In fact I look forward to putting the lawn "to sleep" over the winter so I don't have to mess with it.

BTW, I never get mosquitoes from my lawn

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Oops. Misread. You're right.

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