Musa Basjoo? In Canada?

torontogalSeptember 9, 2013


I just bought a Musa Basjoo from a nursery but it was their last one. I was told it was a Musa Basjoo but I thought they were more green than red (see picture). Could it be a basjoo?

And if so can I plant it outside (Toronto, ON - zone 5) this late in the season and have it survive the winter? Or what should I do to keep it to last until next spring to plant outdoors?

Thanks for your help!!

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

You have an ensete ventricosum of some sort, likely muarelli, and the leaf backs red too? Or just a red vein?

It is NOT hardy!
0 chance
But it's a wonderful plant! And yours looks nice too!

Even if it where basjoo, it is awful late to put em out expect them to be hardy!

I hope you can find a nice basjoo!
Plant it in spring for best result!
Or look at gettin a Mekong giant, I like it better and it's just as hardy!

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

I agree , not a Basjoo. I am a thousand miles south of you but had a Canadian neighbor from Quebec if that counts. Yes, she spoke French.Find a Basjoo.Order a Basjoo online from US and keep it inside till spring.... Bananas are commonly mislabeled in the trade.I have an Ensete. Not sure what variety but they stand out from bananas. Also have an Ice Cream for fives years now and a reliable source who lives close to the nursery where I purchased it near the Gulf informed me it is not an Ice Cream but an Namwa.Oh well ! Namwa is what I really wanted five years ago.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Yea all the ice cream are supposedly really namwaa...

Or so the story goes...
There's some real ice creams around but very few

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chrisware(5-6 wv)

Too bad we can't ship across the border very easily or I'd trade you some basjoo pups for it. ;)

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