demonstration frame for school talk

dirty_knees_il(ZONE 5)May 14, 2006

I would like to take some bees to school to show the first graders. I'm thinking of making a wood frame with plexiglass on each side, big enough to hold one honey frame. Does this sound like something that would work? The bees would be away from the hive for about an hour. Should I give them sugar water to sip on and give them something to do? Do I need screening someplace for fresh air? There will probably be some larvae since I still only have the two winter boxes. Any problems with that? I would love to have any suggestions or comments. Thanks

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It certainly work work. I've got a simple 1 frame 'demonstration hive' that I use just for such demonstrations. Brood in the frame is ok, though I try not to take too much in case it were to get chilled or overheated. Ventillation is important. Initally I left two 1" screened holes in mine, but it turned out not to be enough (the plexiglas would fog over with condensation), so I added a couple more. I do have a spot for a feeder, though often they ignore it. I only put the feeder jar in when it's not in motion to avoid leaks. Haveing enough ventalation is proabably the only big thing to make sure of.

I'll post pictures of mine later (my wife is actually using it today for a demonstration.) If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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dirty_knees_il(ZONE 5)

Thank you very much for the comments. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures!!!

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I found some plans for a 3 frame observation hive. I'm sure you can scale it down to a single frame, or a double frame. Just reduce the height of the unit by the size of a frame.

Photo's can be found here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Plans for a 3 frame observation beehive.

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dirty_knees_il(ZONE 5)

Thank you for the info. My husband and I made a simple wood and plexiglass box to hang one frame in. The bees went to school twice, once for pre-K and once for first grade. We had a few larvae in the frame and both classes saw a baby bee come out of a cell. We had fun showing them and look forward to doing it again. thanks for your help!!

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