dansdelightSeptember 28, 2009

By mistake I bought a non hardy banana plant. I live in zone 5 6 border. How can I winterize a ground planted banana plant.

Can I build a pvc green house around it and also bury warming cables in the ground to keep it above freezing?

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I think about a foot of mulch and a tarp should be good enough. Or you can dig them up, cut the roots back to about a foot away from the trunk, cut the leaves off, and bring the stalk into a cool (not cold) dark room till spring. Alot of people living in cold zones do this and some eventually get fruit but most defiantely get a big banana plant in about 3-4 years from pup.

Good luck

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My dwarf cavindish plants have been killed the last to winters by Frost and or freeze. I have purchased two
78" x 60" x 60" Planthouse Clear Greenhouses from Home
Depot. My Question is how much can I cut back or prune off of my plants before I set the tent over them. I live in North Port Fl. Zone 9a. The banana plants are in three groups two of which i will cover. 7 or 8 plants/group
stalks vary from 2 to 4 feet high. I was told that my plants would not fruit until I had a bunch of seven or more growing. That is why I have not thinned the smaller ones out. I would upload a picture but do not know how to.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I have a customer in Indianapolis--she said she couldn't remember if she had a hardy banana or not but one had red leaves (def. not hardy) and one had green leaves. She protected by piling a big pile of bags of leaves over the top after cutting them back. She said she put like 40 bags of leaves in a big mountain over them and they survived and came back this year, and so did her cannas that were planted with them.
Or you could dig it up and bring it in for the winter.

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