Missing Miner Bees

kimmers(z4 WI/USA)May 28, 2007

Last year a small sand/dirt pile in my front flower bed was the home to many miner bees. This was my first encounter with the docile fellas. The sand was to be spread to even out a flower bed but I left it alone all season.

I expected to see bees back this spring but so far not a one. I'd like to spread the sand but would rather provide a home to the bees. So, my questions are: Will the miner bees come back to use the same sand pile? Is there anything I can do to encourage them to return? Is it too early to expect to see them? Have the young from last year hatched? I don't want to destroy bees if I decide to spread the sand/dirt.

Thanks, Kimmers

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

From what I understand on news reports, the bee population was seriously reduced this winter and spring. There is a lot of speculation as to what happened to them but the common thought is with the mild winter and hard freezes that most areas saw, the bees just didn't make it back to hives in time to avoid the cold. There are a lot less bees in my yard and fruit growers here are renting hives from bee keepers. I would go ahead and move your sand, I don't think they are coming back. Sorry

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Bee's are going missing everywhere. The only answer is fro you yourself to keep bees or grow bee loving plants and provide houses for them!

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Make sure to read up on how to treat them for mites and their other diseases, though, or you will do more harm than good. Bees are getting harder to keep healthy due to new problems with insecticides and a new mite that kills them off.

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There is some educational and interesting info on miner bees at North Carolina State University. See link below

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kimmers(z4 WI/USA)

Thank you all for replying. I guess I will spread the sand/dirt but provide another pile elsewhere in my yard in hopes miner bees will return. (sigh) On a positive note the bumblebees have returned, for a second year, to the hive in an old, large birdhouse on my front porch. YAY!

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