Very Large Bees

ShelleyREAMay 31, 2011

We are used to bees, honeybees, bumblebees and carpenter bees. However, we had a new bee yesterday, much larger than the carpenter (boring) bees. It was pushing 2" in length and was rectangular shaped all the way down. It's head was yellow and it's "back" was yellow like it was wearing a pointed cape across it's shoulders and pointed downward toward it's back. Then the rest of this giant bee was black, but rectangular all the way down. It's did not narrow in at the waist or towards it's bottom. I tried to take a photo, but only had my cell phone so it isn't very close up but does show the coloration. It was really enjoying the new flowers we were planting and when a hummingbird came in to drink the bee came up and the two looked at each other and each went back to its business. The bee was not as large as the ruby throated hummingbird, but not that much smaller either.

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I am in North Ga and have seen what sounds like this bee / flying object this year also. They have been aound the Bee Balm almost constantly and seem content with other bees around them. I have some pictures of them, but do not know how to get them onto here. If someone can instruct me on how to load a picture to a post, I can share the picture. Thanks!

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Ok - see if this works. I am not sure if I have this right ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo bucket - Bee picture

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gyozu(7 Winston-Salem, NC)

Humming \bird moth.

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I would love to ID this very large bee?wasp? that was caught in my building. It was at least 3 inches long--NO KIDDING! The hind end alone was at lease 2 inches all by itself. The bee/wasp had a reddish face--not hairy. The hind end was golden with black pin-stipes--very thin stripes. The hind end was shaped like an inverted tear-drop and very very pointy at the end. It was scary!!! I've only seen it once. I was able to free it. If you can ID this bee/wasp I'd be very grateful. I live in Northeastern PA if that helps. Thanks.

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