Would you say this is displaying signs of the virus?

dragonstoneJune 21, 2012

I am honestly ready to rip these bulbs out that I got from Edensblooms. Not only was Green Dragon the "GROUND ZERO" for the stagonospora curtisii fungus that spread through my entire bed, but once I sprayed thiomyl on them and the new leaves are coming in without damage, I wonder what I'm seeing on the "Candy Floss"es here.

In the picture below, there's a lot of fungus damage but it seems to be in control because this new leaf that grew in is untouched:

Is it just the bulb struggling to bounce back from the fungus or is it really displaying signs of the mosaic virus?

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Well Joe, I'm not sure, the picture isn't quite clear enough..it could be, but it might be a nutritional deficiency too ..try taking a clearer picture..this is what you are looking for...hopefully someone else will give their opinion also...

I hope for your sake it's not....:-(


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I find it funny that my camera has no problem getting to the center of a dandelion seedhead but struggles to make sense of what I'm trying to zoom in on on the leaves...

But yeah, unfortunately they look like your leaves. Broken patches of various green. I'm going to dig these bulbs out, and several other bulbs that were next to them (that are still struggling to grow). I have a huge bed of seed-grown amaryllis and I just have to cross my fingers that this stuff hasn't spread to them. I think this is the last time I buy a bulb from a store.

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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

Last year I had to chuck several bulbs that were viral--I kept telling myself that NOT getting rid of them would put the rest of my plants at risk. Get rid of the plants, the pots, etc., unless you can really sterilize the pots.


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