Banana spots

jardinerowaSeptember 2, 2006

Hey all,

I got a couple Musa Basjoos (4") from a lady on Ebay a couple weeks ago and planted one in a pot and one in the ground somewhere else. They were bareroot when I got them. I suspect it will take time to start growing new roots (bad timing I know) but I'm worried about the black spots on pseudostem. They were sorta there when they arrived although I'm not sure if it's getting worse. We're having pretty good weather for the PNW lately. Should I use a copper-based fungicide?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I don't know your spots but I did read that "black spots on the stem are normal banana plant markings and most come off with dead leaves."

Also, make sure you're letting the soil dry between watering to make the banana's work to grow a root structure... otherwise you will end up with very few roots and potentially, a rotten plant. When you're getting new growth for about a month, then you can start watering more.

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I already read Bananas love water...I didn't know you were supposed to let them dry out when they're getting new growth. Is that just for baby bananas or all transplanted bananas? Thanks!


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My Basjoos are gonna die if I don't help them. They aren't growing hardly at all (unlike the orinocos I got from a different seller). The leaves are slowly turning yellow and I swear it has to do with the black spots. I think the plants rotting.
Since they are still newly planted, I will let them dry a little more before watering. But what should I do now, cut the bottom yellow leaves and spray a copper-based fungicide? Please advise thanks!


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It looks like a small sized banana, which I find more difficult to work with. I put mine in the ground to save them. When the weather gets cooler, I put it in a deep pot with well drained soil.

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There is really only 1 way to kill a baby banana and that's over watering it when it's young. You need to let them dry between waterings or else they won't grow roots and will rot. And I do this for all banana's that don't have an established root structure.

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I've taken your advice and letting my bananas go awhile before watering. I peeled off a couple leaves (love how they just easly slide off). Hopefully it'll will make it.


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good luck!

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