Fast growing hive - help

nycefarm_gwMay 28, 2005

I planted a three foot magnolia about a month ago. I looked at it today and over half the tree is covered with small bees amd it looks like like a massive hive. I really didn't want to get to close, so I'm not real sure what is going on. I am about to have 30-40 people at the house, and I'm really concerned about stings. I swear it wasn't there last week when I checked the tree out.

What kind of bees form a hive like that? Is this dangerous? It looks like it has taken over half the tree. I can send a photo if visual aids are needed. I can't call the extension office till Tuesday, what to do in the meantime?

Please help!


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amymcg(z5 MA)

First you need to determine what kind of bees they are. If they are honeybees, it could just be a swarm that is looking for a new home. This is swarm season, so it wouldn't be unlikely. If that is the case, then there's really nothing to worry about. They will probably take off on their own, and if they don't, call the extension office on Tuesday and I'm sure they will give you some beekeepers that would come and get them.

If they are something else, wasps or hornets, then I would call an exterminator and get rid of them.

Do you have pictures? Can you send to amcglothlin @ mac . com?

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Thanks for the reply. I ended up calling a friend whose neighbor is a beekeeper and in less than an hour the swarm was in the box. It was fascinating to watch.
I have lived on a farm all my life but never seen such knot of bees. There are some still hanging out, maybe trying to build up their numbers again.

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I have a question about the stragglers, which are still inhabiting the tree. It seems they are trying to build a hive. I can see the formation of white honeycomb on the leaves, are they trying to set up permanent residence? I called the bee man last night but he never called back...

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txbeeguy(z8 TX)

As soon as the queen's pheromone fades, the stragglers will go away.

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