Dead & live bees in apartment

Sally_GMay 17, 2005

I returned to my apartment last night to something very bizarre: there were a couple dozen bees in my kitchen, most of them dead. I found 9 dead bees on the floor, one dead bee on the counter near the sink, 6 dead bees on the windowsill, and about 8 dead bees in the metal track where the sliding window rests. There was one live bee crawling on the windowsill, which I promptly killed. This morning I was in the kitchen when I became aware of a live bee crawling on me; it flew away toward the living room.

I looked at the kitchen window outside my apartment to see if there were any bees or bee hives near it, and I didn't see any.

I would like to know if anyone out there has heard of such a thing. I have lived in this apartment for 15 years and usually leave the kitchen window open because I live in a warm climate. Occasionally, I will find a single dead bee on the windowsill.

There are no trees or plants near the window. Until two years ago, there was a tree outside the window that had red bottlebrush-like, spiky things that attracted bees, but it was removed by the apartment management. I don't have any live plants inside my apartment, either.

The water in my apartment complex (four buildings, about 300 residents) was shut off for most of the weekend, and I wonder if that would have anything to do with the bee situation in my apartment.

There was a bee hive near the front of the apartment complex that was removed about a couple of months ago. My building is in the rear of the complex.

I would like to know 1) possible reasons why this occurred, and 2) what can I do to get rid of the live bees (besides closing the window)? I don't have any insecticides, nor do I want to use any in the kitchen.

Any advice you can give will be most appreciated. Thank you!

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txbeeguy(z8 TX)

I think it's a sign of the 'end times'.

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bambooo(6 CT USA)

Besides closing the window a screen might help.
It is swarm season in much of the USA
red bottlebrush? Calliandra? Chestnut? Annatto?
No guessing where you are.
Here is a novel idea, next time you get a bee indoors try walking it onto a piece of paper and letting it out the window, trapping it on a windowpane under a drinking glass and then sliding a piece of junk mail over the top will contain it.

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Thanks for the response. I live in southern CA. I have screens on all of the windows in my apartment, I've checked the screens for holes and open gaps along the sides. I found a few more dead bees on the kitchen floor yesterday; no live ones. Very strange...

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Just wanted to give you an update...I arrived home a couple of hours ago, turned on the living room light, and noticed a live bee on the wall near the front door. Another bee flew toward the light. I went to the kitchen and noticed more bees on the floor, but these were alive. I did not turn on the kitchen light. I then looked up at the kitchen window and saw that the wall to the left of the window (an area about 2 feet wide) was covered with bees, probably hundreds! I then became aware of a low humming noise. Needless to say, I certainly wasn't going to stay there! I quickly packed up a few things and headed to my mother's house (which is where I'm typing this now. I'm just too hyper to go to sleep, even though it's almost 1 a.m.). I placed an emergency call to the apartment manager, who told me that the bees will have to be smoked out tomorrow. I then asked if I could return home tomorrow night. He told me that I could. Question: is the manager right? How soon will I be able to move back in to my apartment?

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txbeeguy(z8 TX)

I hope you and your mom get along okay; sounds like to me, you'll be there more than just one night. Now you've given us enough information to go on...apparently a honeybee swarm has taken up residence inside the wall next to the kitchen window. That hive will have to be removed and/or destroyed and their access hole(s), blocked up. Maybe this can be done in just one day but given my experiences with apartment managers, it'll probably take more....

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I live in Arizona, where 99.9% of our honey bees are now Africanized. I'm allergic to bee stings, and have taken care to remove ALL flowering plants from around my house (except one hibiscus, which I have never seen bees around).

Last week, there was a bee on the wall next to my back door. I stuck a flyswatter out the door to shoo it away, and it fell to the ground. Later, it died.

Yesterday and today, I found one single dead bee on the patio by my back door.

Several times a week I check the entire perimeter of my house and the yard for any signs of a hive forming. Since I am allergic, I certainly want to nip any problem in the bud. I have seen NO signs of a hive, anywhere. But the three dead bees concern me as that has never happened in the 6 years I have lived in this house.

Reading the post above makes me very concerned that there could be a problem forming somewhere around my house, without me knowing about it.

Any suggestions on what to do or any hints on what to look for that I might be missing? I do go outside and check at dusk, when the bees should be heading home to their hive.

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barbara_muret(ctr OK)

I don't want to sound like a "wacko"... but I've had similar unexplained experiences for the last three years. The first time it was "sowbugs" - absolutely abundant, dead, in two rooms of the house for three days (I cleaned them up each day). Each year its the same time, I can't remember last years specie, this year it was something that looked like a ladybug but an orangish color. Three years in a row, three days each, very few alive bugs, all dead in huge numbers. In the same two spots.

My house is very sealed up, there is absolutely no way for them to get in.

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This phenomenon also happened to me in July 2010, I lived here for 6 yrs. and carpenter bees, which I no longer see any of here in CT, were not the culprits, and have mysteriously disappeared and were not present this calender year, The Bumble bee was entering my home, I also came into my home one day to find several bumble bees dead. After approximately two weeks, they continued to find entry into my home in which they would just die off. I thought that it was my fault for covering a nest hole into my back door, I could hear the queen in the wall buzzing, and frequently, one or two or even three would find entry into my home even after sealing any possible entrances into my home, I find this weird, but the only possible cause that I could come up with is the cell phone towers are redirecting the bees causing them to no longer be able to follow their natural signals that they emit to communicate.

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