Help me ID this bamboo

raizSeptember 10, 2008

The bamboo at the above link is listed to be Bambusa Oldhamii (Tropical timber bamboo)... but it looks nothing like the Oldhamii I've seen else where. The stalks are yellow instead of green, and the shoots are only an inch or two wide and very close together. The height and bushiness does seem consistent with Oldhamii however.

Could this be some other species that's actually mislabeled?

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Overall, it looks like my Oldhamii. The biggest difference is the lighter culms, but in direct sunlight, some of the culms on mine have turned a yellowish or lighter colour also.

They will be bushier when smaller or if they had been trimmed recently. As young plants, the culms on mine grew very tightly together, then sometimes get up to a foot or so between them as maturity is reached.

A plant limited to a small growing area will sometimes have smaller culms then their maximum size.


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Really? All the oldhamii I've seen has medium to dark green stalks. Are you saying that if I had this same bamboo in my yard, it may grow a different color?


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