Apricot trees

judy_b(AZ zone 9)August 19, 2005

Does anyone grow, or know of, a good dwarf apricot that will do well in Phoenix?

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frangipaniaz(z9 Az)

oh...hmm... I grow full size apricot trees, but they aren't real big yet, so they are kind of dwarfed... I'll look for you though...

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Pagancat(Phoenix, AZ)

I think Susie might... I thought they were pretty small trees anyways ...? I would love to have one, as well.

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You can keep a normal sized fruit tree pruned for easy pick like they do at that farm in Queen Creek. There may be some available that come on a dwarfing or semi-dwarfing rootstock though. I have a "FloridaPrince" (very low chill) peach that is on a semi dwarf rootstock.

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birdlady_in_mesa(z9 AZ)

I have a Royal apricot. It is 3.5 years old and only about 5' tall. I do prune it back to keep a nice shape, but I think that it will grow up bigger than you may want. It had excellent fruit this year! I planted a Royal when we moved into this house 21 years ago, I did trim it, but it only grew to about 10' tall with a 15' spread. Nice size to keep some kind of protection on it from the birds and easy to pick the fruit. Don't know if this helps, just thought I would relate my experience.

The best peaches I ever grew were the Bonanza Dwarfs. Huge juicy peaches just loaded on the branches. Nice small rounded tree. Unfortunately, stone fruit trees don't have a long life expectancy, especially here in the valley, so after 16 years I yanked them out. Still miss 'em!


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judy_b(AZ zone 9)

Thanks Susie. I have a Bonanza peach, and you're right about its longevity. Mine is about 10 years old and is on its way out. It is rife with sooty canker and is declining. I don't know whether to just take it out now or let it die its unnatural death.

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I just checked my 6 month old apricot tree - it has white stuff like mold growing on the underneath side of some leaves - what is wrong and how do I fix it??

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