Two Hives: 1 appears weak, 1 Looks strong, should I consolidate?

JMS80May 11, 2012

Im an amateur beekeeper, decided to get into this last summer. California winters are not harsh, so winter had no effect on condition of the bees.

However once spring time came around I noticed a hive had varroa mites, I hesitantly applied the mite strips about 2 months back and have seen little-to no mites in or around the hive.

With that said one hive (previously infected with mites) has become weaker. The top honey super is sparsely populated with bees as opposed to my stronger hive. Ive recently sought advice from a professional and he suggested that I should look into consolidating the hives? Thoughts?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

You could, your queen could be failing, first, I would check if bees made superseding queen cells. The danger of combining is when you have one or more virgin queens, these are almost not recognizable, then a good hive can go from good to worse.

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Thanks for the helpful tip, I will definitely check for that.

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Just thought I'd give an update. I went out and checked my hives with a former professional beekeeper, he indicated the bees look very healthy. But the low numbers are troubling, we condensed the hive and I will be testing for american foulbrood in my next hive visit.

Crossing my fingers that its nothing too serious.

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