Carpenter Bees .... nesting in my deck railing

chester_grant(6)May 6, 2006

I have finally figured out that the little pile of sawdust on my deck right next to the side of the house is coming from a carpenter bee hole...(thank goodness as I thought I had carpenter ants under the shingles higher up the side of the house).....

I spotted a big black bee coming from the area of the sawdust - the hole is in the railing closest to and facing the house. You cannot see the hole without a mirror (there is also a telltale excreta area on the nearby shingle).

Well I left the mirror opposite the bee hole and the poor bee(s), when they fly back to the nest, crash into the glass and seem to fly off pretty quickly. Apparently bees navigate in such a manner - by surrounding "landmarks" - that they are completely disorientated by their entrance hole reflected in a mirror.

Question.....will this drive the occupants of this bee hole away? I am concerned that the female will just find another railing to bite into.....also if she has laid eggs the larvae will eventually hatch so that hole has to be treated......I understand however that its hard getting the appropriate material dispersed within the chambers or cells created by the mother bee. Maybe its best to let the mother bee take dessicant in with her rather than scare her off with the mirror?

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The bee will probably just make a new hole. They do it pretty fast too. We had one do this last week in our deck. We caught the hole the first day or two it was being made, he plugged the hole with some kind of caulk, then killed the bee. We haven't seen any more. I hate doing that as I hate killing anything, but.... Here's a webpage about carpenter bee control.

Here is a link that might be useful: carpenter bees and control

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david_wagner(7b Arkansas BB)

I had the same problem about eight years ago with my carport. I just filled in the holes and painted the wood and they stayed out. A friend of mine has a similar problem with their deck. They have tried stain and weatherproofing but nothing seems to help and they don't want to paint. Of course they have replaced all of the rails and some of the posts and are now looking at painting all but the deck boards themselves. I mean the wood you walk on, they haven't bored into there at all.

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I plug a hole with Construction adhesive and than Caulked it. The next morning the hole was reopened. I killed the Male I will see what happens now.

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