What species are your growing and how?

jstropicJune 15, 2013

Just purchased some species and thought it would be helpful to start a list of successful cultivation methods used in growing hippeastrum species. Please add any experiences you have had with a specific species. Thanks - J

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hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium 'silhouette'
mother bulb (bought it with 5 offsets) is making 3 new offsets, i have them in a very light, pretty warm spot, and watering them every now and then.

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Thanks Snarfie,

What kind of soil mix to you have them in. When you say "very light" do you mean no direct sun light - just bright light?
Thanks for the info, this is a beautiful flowering bulb.

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right behind a south facing window, in potting soil mixed with vermiculite. also have an red hybrid, and that one is in pure potting soil for over a year, and it had already flowered 4 times in one year (the last 2 flowers were pollinated with pollen from trentino, and with pollen from charisma), and it's self-fertile, so i have 30 healthy selfed-seedlings, and the 2 seedpods are almost ripe now. one is turning light green right now (red(forgot the name) x trentino), so, i'll give a couple of my hippeastrum selfed seedlings away to my brother, and some to my grandma to make place for the new ones

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Diana Chapman (Telos Rare Bulbs) has been adding information on the cultivation of hippeastrum species - with pics! Great information!

Here is a link that might be useful: Diana Chapman's bulbmaven blog

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How great that your brother and grandma share the same interest in hippeastrum as you do!! So nice to share with family.

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