Tardis Beehive

Edymnion(7a)May 1, 2013

Being an oldschool geek that is finally getting around to starting a beehive after years of talking about it, I had the perfect idea on what to do with it. This idea came while watching Doctor Who and building approximately god-awful number of frames.

I need to turn my hive into the Tardis.

Fully assembled hive, with a quick bit of spackle down the corners to smooth them out a bit before painting:

After two coats of almost-Tardis Blue paint (the hive will be in the shade in it's final location, but I still wanted to err a bit on the side of caution and not go too dark):

And where I'm at now (the professional art world is trembling before my astonishing skill with whatever random paintbrushes I could find laying around:

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Thanks for the pics have to say you will have the most interesting hive in the yard As your apiary grows you can build Buckingham Palace

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Finished hive.

Its currently sitting out there with only the bottom hive box and the lid (looking weird) with some swarm bait in there to maybe attract some freebies while I go about getting some bought ones.

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msbumble(z6 NJ)

That is brilliant! Question - do the bees take a look inside then do a little flyaround outside looking puzzled?

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I'll find out this weekend. Had a lure in there for almost a month with no hits, and I'm picking up a 3 lb. package this Friday.

If nothing else, I expect it to be buzzier on the inside. ;)

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I'm sure they'll say it's smaller on the outside. :)

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Suggest you start your package of bees in just the bottom box, when they fill 70% of the combs with honey and brood add a second box. Pretty good rule to follow as your hive population expands, 70% filled, add a box.

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Oh yeah, never mentioned it here, but I started a blog about this hive, should anyone be bored: The Tardis Beehive: Its Buzzier on the Inside!

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