Pedilanthus bracteatus slipper plant.

joncongaroo(Phoenix(Ahwatukee)AZ)August 28, 2013

Has anyone in the Phoenix area grown this? According to Mtn States wholesale nursery data it is supposed to be more full sun tolerant and frost resistant than the more common Pedilanthus macrocarpus slipper plant.

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More tolerant .. but planting it next to that wall will probably fry it.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

I haven't tried it, but am curious to see/hear how yours does.

By the way, I grow several dozen individual specimens of slipper plant, Pedilanthus macrocarpa and have ZERO issues with frost damage or sun damage, it's almost the perfect plant for me. I didn't cover it after this past horrible winter and it sailed through in the ground and in pots just fine.

That being said, I'd love to hear how your plant does, so thanks for sharing about it. We're looking forward to updates!

Happy gardening!

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Can you tell us where/ how you have them sited? I got two through last winter with no damage too, but covered them. I'm new to them, but thinking of putting several more in the ground away from the house and would love not to cover.

I'd also love to hear more experiences with bracteatus as well. Been considering them after hearing the same things the OP mentioned.

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Hiya dstefan and all,

I have quite a few of the common P. macrocarpa (not Jon's cool/fancy P. bracteatus) and my regular slipper plants have done amazingly well, never covered in winter or summer.

Three are in pots about 4 feet from a wall to their south, meaning they get hot full sun in summer and mostly shade in winter. I've got three in the ground in full hot sun in my front garden, plus a few in pots and in the ground along the south side of my house, getting everything from morning sun only to afternoon sun only, to full hot scalding sun. All have done really great for several years now.

May-November I water them once a week (a fairly quick ten second soak with the hose), and November-April I slop water on them maybe, just maybe, once a month.

The ones in pots are in 50% Miracle-Gro potting soil plus 50% perlite or pumice; the ones in the ground are in plain ol' UNammended desert soil.

I'm really hooked on them. I hope yours continue to do well. They're great plants!

Happy gardening all!

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I have one of these; got it a few years ago when it was just a little bit bigger than what's in your photo. It's grown into a lush explosion in a pot on my Phoenix area southern exposure patio. Haven't had any frost issues.
Cool flowers; as cool as P macrocarpus but different.
Don't water it much in the winter.

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Thank you VeronikaC for the encouraging feedback. I have had sunburn and frost issues with the macrocarpas,
but nothing a little pruning didn't fix.

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I saw some amazingly beautiful slipper plants at Home Depot (I think) yesterday. I'm not familiar with this plant and don't trust HD to sell plants that will really grow here, year round. So, I'm researching it and, if it grows well here, might have to go buy one...

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Thanks for the info. I also recently saw that variety, in the first post, of slipper plant in the store. Let us know how it does. I think I will try more slipper plants. Can't beat that watering schedule.

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