Time to take Plumeria cuttings?

azmomAugust 10, 2014

My two Plumerias are over grown with lots of "Y" branches. They are blooming none stop.

Can I take cuttings from Plumeria now in our hot dry AZ August weather?

If I cannot, how long should I wait?

If I can,
1. do I need to dry the cutting out first as some instructions I read from internet?
2. or Can I plant them right away as some instructions I read from internet?
3. Can I take a very long branch and cut it into two or 3 cuttings? I have not find any answer for this question.

Any warnings and suggestions are so welcome, since I have never done this before.

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I wait for plumeria to callous over before planting out. You can take cuttings anytime but it wouldn't it be better for the plant to do it when it's dormant if you don't need the cutting right away. I've taken at both times, but from big plumeria trees in a tropical environment. Many plants are already stressed in the heat, why add to it. Yes you can cut the cutting in multiple pieces. Get a marker and mark which way is up because it's easy to get mixed up especially for the lucky person that gets the cutting.

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Hi Toucan, Thank you so much for the answers.

Yes, it makes sense to wait until out of dormant. May I ask when is the planting/growing season for Plumeria in AZ?

Mine are in pots, under the patio, get water as often as they need. Both grow and flower. I cannot tell when Plumerias in AZ are in dormant.

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Dormant season in a non-dormant or dormant plant refers to January in Maricopa Co. Everything slows down when it is cold and days are short.

Containers certainly makes them easier to protect in the winter.



Here is a link that might be useful: AZ Plumeria Society!

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Love the AZ Plumeria society instructions, so definitely check them out. I take my plumeria cuttings in summer. I let them air-dry in the shade for three days and then plant them in a mix of 50% pumice or perlite and 50% potting mix. I put them in full, amazing hot sun, on the patio, so they get the maximum heat. Like the AZ site says, I put two inches of pure pumice or perlite in the bottom of the pot, and rest the cutting end on that before filling in the rest of the soil. I give it one drink and then don't water it again until I see growth.

My success rate is NOT great, hah, probably only 40-50%, but that's enough for me.

Let us know what you do and how it works out!
Happy gardening,

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Thank you Facist, Grant for the links and responses.

The information in the links are all very helpful. Grant is right, AZ Plumeria Society site is excellent.

If no unplanned activities, this weekend I will take cuttings. I will also get recommended items to be ready for potting dried cuttings.

I usually get my garden supplies from Home Depot and Bakers Nursery. Do you have any other stores that you would like to recommend?

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