Overturning City ordinances on beekeeping

awayinthegardenMay 1, 2011

I just completed a course on Beekeeping and will have a hive in Minneapolis in a smallish yard. However, a fellow classmate of mine lives in a suburb of Minneapolis, Plymouth won't be able to keep bees as the permit only allows beekeeping on 5 acres and he has less. He thought about doing it without the city's permission, but one neighbor is against this. What is his next step to over turn this 5 acre rule. This seems silly to me as my lot is only 40' x 40 ft is allowed in Minneapolis. Any advice on changing limitation would be very helpful.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

This is strange...I would talk to your local bee club.

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Do a search for bee ordinances and see what other towns are doing that is reasonable. Then approach powers that be and ask how you go about enacting or changing an ordinance. A girl in the closest city to us has 2 hives and a few chickens and they are going to have to apply for a special permit for a total of $300+ It doesn't make any sense.

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