Biggest Banana for Zone 8

joefalco(z8 MB SC)September 30, 2006

This is following the thread of biggest banana. Samba was mentioned as the biggest, but it seem it only will live in Zone 9-10 outside.

What is the biggest banana or plantain for Zone 8b South Carolina?

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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

How about the hybrid "Musa SikkimensisX - Darjiling Giant"? I have heard this one grows huge! Seeds are available directly from an Indian nursery.

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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

Also, try the Himalayan Musa nagensium (wonderful black trunks with white powder) wich grows huge, as well as regular Musa Balbisiana, wich overwinters in Cologne, Germany. Most of these need to be grown from seeds, but I have never had a problem sprouting these.

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joefalco(z8 MB SC)

Thanks for the reply,

Do these grow in the United States South Carolina Zone 8? Where can I get some?


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Which nursery in India do you get your Sikkimensis seeds from? What is the average germination rate you get? I have been looking into getting some sikkimensis seeds, but most of the mail order seed companies have poor feedback on garden watch dog. I guess the seed wouldn't get any fresher then purchasing them from the bananas country of origin.

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mrbungalow(Z8, SW-Norway)

Joefalco, I think regular Sikkimensis is readily available from many nurseries in the US. The others i mentioned are rare, and are best grown from seed.

Banana-fun, the germination % has been high for himalayan species, especially the hybrids. A regime of changing temps. will do the job.

Send me an e-mail about wich companies, since it's not allowed to say so in here!

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