What goes up, must come down! I can't believe it fit in the bag!

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)June 16, 2013

Last Oct/Nov I put the new "popup" greenhouse up. Once it came out of that bag at setup, I never thought it would ever go back in! Because the old smaller greenhouse lasted 3 years with year-round exposure to the hot Texas sun, I thought I would take the new, bigger one down for the summer to see if I can extend the life of it.

Getting it down and flat wasn't too hard. Getting it folded and in the bag was another story. I got it folded to where it sort of fit in the bag (about 4' across and the whole deal weighs about 60 pounds). It was already well past 90 degrees and I went in the house to cool off, change clothes and rethink things.

When I got back out, I realized that if I turned the folded greenhouse in the bag so the shape of the "heap" matched the shape of the storage bag....it fit. I even got the zipper closed after putting in the shade cloth, the stakes, and the instructions on putting it up and taking it down! (Putting it up is much MUCH easier).

So....all the shelves, pots, scape stakes, and extra shade cloths are all stored on the "foundation" for another 4-5 months, when it starts all over again!


All the plants are out

Empty and ready to collapse

Pulled all the supports out

It really is flat!

The folded heap in the bag

Hard to tell, but the bag is zipped!

All the stuff waiting for the next season (I suppose I could disassemble all the shelves, etc...but at least they are out of the way!)

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Wow! You made a formidable task for two men look easy and you did it all yourself! Congratulations!!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

...and I did it in my "usual workclothes"! The seller claims one person can do this. Darn thing was huge! Because there is no floor, screen is exposed to the ground while folding. I imagine I may find a tear or two this fall!

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Wow Kristi - that is amazing! Down and away in a day - and in the hot Texas sun no less! -J

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

It actually took about 30 minutes to empty it and another 30 minutes to fold, wrestle (would have been a funny video), and bag it. Another 5 minutes an hour later to shift, turn, wiggle, push/pull, and zip the bag up! I was beat for the rest of the day! It's not the heat so much, it was the humidity!!

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