Flower Soon?

inuloverOctober 7, 2011

I inherited a banana when we moved to Florida last spring. I have fertilized it regularly and gave it plenty of water. It rewarded me by making it to about 6 feet tall. I am guessing that it is a dwarf Cavendish from the height but I really have no idea.

The last leaf took forever to unfurl, and it is sticking straight up rather than laying out flat. Is this the flag before flowering that I have heard of? If so and assuming that it is a dwarf Cavendish, how long to flower, and how long to develop the fruit.


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Try to share a picture.
It very well could be.
Should take up to 4 weeks to grow the flower and the bananas.
Make sure to water well and lots of sunlight, it does grow out rather quickly.

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I've never figured out inline photos, so this is a link to a picture of the plant - http://s1103.photobucket.com/albums/g465/baithog/Yard/

The leaf on the right is normally much flatter but the wind is kicking up to about 20mph.

Its been getting a citrus fertilizer monthly and foliar spray weekly. Water hasn't been a real problem so far, but we are heading into a drier part of the year. I just hope I get fruit before it cools off too much, as you can see, bringing it into the house is not an option

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I think this will work

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