Kentucky Jungle Pics Giant Basjoo

miraclegrower(6a)October 5, 2008

Check out the Basjoo in the back, the stem is bigger than my legs!!!

Taking a stroll....This is better than fishing!!!

I'm gonna need a chainsaw!!!

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Wow! that is quite the jungle you have grown. How do you manage to fertilize all those plants? do you have irrigation?

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Your bananas are impressive! Mine is not quite that big. Do you overwinter them in the ground? I also live in zone 6a and would love to hear how you overwinter yours, any suggestions would be appreciated! Linda:)

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Thank you banana_fun and tropic_lover!!!
Everything is built upon tons and tons of compost,soil,mulch. Leaves are cut down and made into compost,then redistributed back into the soil.
Irrigation is done by aerial misters, soaker hoses.
Fertilizer is organic chicken poo, the richest of all.

Overwintering of Basjoos, cut the stem down to about a foot, cover with finely chopped leaves. I usually wait until the cold weather has an effect on the leaves. When I see leaves are no longer growing, then I know its time to winterize.
Basjoos are pretty tough plants, they can endure cold temperatures down into the 30's, when it gets below that for a sustained amount of time, I cover them up with lots of leaves.

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