Dead Bees in Townhouse!!

eringoodfriendMay 3, 2013

Hi i was cleaning my house today when i noticed on the floor in front of my sliding glass door there were about 5 dead bees, i cleaned those up and threw them outside and when i went to close the curtain near the door there were about 4 more dead bees in metal part of the door between the glass window and the floor. I then went to clean the downstairs bathroom that is also by the back door and there were about 5 dead bees in there as well. I have NO clue why these bees are in my house and they were dead. If i leave the door open to allow my dog to go into the backyard occasionally a bee or two will fly into the house,usually they'll fly back out. But now i am afraid there might be a hive or something. I looked around and couldn't hear the humming or see any sign of any bees or a hive. Can anyone help? I live in arizona and there has been a few people in the last few days being attacked by bees and now im scared me or my dog could be attacked,i'm also allergic to them!

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

What bee are these,..they could be harmless, can you post a picture.

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