Get these Bees out of my house, Please :(

havebooks(Orlando FL)May 21, 2005

I am a single mom with little money to deal with this. I could afford to kill them, but I don't want to. A bunch of honey bees moved into my concrete block house in Orlando FL app a year ago. They're costing me money because the Power co. won't go near my meter (and they guess high!). Anyway, I'm looking for a beekeeper who wants these bees. They're swarming right now (looks like a brown blanket draped over the side of my house) and I think that means enough bees for 2 hives. I found on the web that there's a way to lure them out to an actual hive with a wire cone trap, and after several weeks time, the bees and their honey will be moved out and ready to take away. Does anyone know a beekeeper in the Orlando area who might be interested? Thanks for any help you can provide. I really appreciate it!

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I'm not in your area but there is a VERY active BeeKeeper Forum at the following address. I really find you may find help there. It is at:

Cut and past that into your address bas and check that one out.

This here is a very good forum too, but the one I just gave you is extremely active and I usually get lots of replies every day when I post. Even had someone come over and help me with a problem I was having with my hive.

Good luck!

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I think you misread the part with the wire cone trap. Either that or the folks who sell them with the notion that the bees will leave and take the queen and the honey with them also sell snake oil that will cure headaches, ingrown toenails and high blood pressure. Please read the threads on Bees in Trees, Bees in the Wall, etc.

So far as they being a swarming, possible, but more likely they are warm and just moving some of the troops out to ventilate the hive. Finaly, assuming one were to get the workers out, and all the ones on the wall, that lucky person would have to find a queen for them and hope that it was accepted. Although your heart is in the right place, they may have to be destroyed. Before doing that, if you want to, call the Orange County Extension Service. (Listed as Cooperative and Extension Service, under USDA in the gov't pages.) They may have a beekeeper who will help you.

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I followed the advice of some people on this site, and I shot holes in the nest with my shotgun. This did not work. It just made my neighbours and the bees angry.

Eventually somebody called he police because of all the shooting. After explaining my situation to the police, they begn firing their hand guns at the nest, but it did not work. The bees just attacked us and covered us in bee stings.

I think the best way to get rid of bees is to use a baseball bat and smash the nest so that you can be sure that it is destroyed. You may get a few bites, but nobody will be annoyed by all the shooting, and the police wont have to be called.


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only a moron would fire a shotgun or pistol into a might as well pull your jimmy out and pee on it. you can trap them out with the cone. place a hive near the cone with some open brood with eggs from another hive. when the exiting workers can not reenter the wall they will take up residence in the new hive. after enough bees are in the hive they will raise a new queen. if the eggs are too old by the time there is enough bees to do this, you will need top add another frame of open brood with eggs in it. a trap out can take as long as six to eight weeks to accomplish. then you still have the problem of the comb and honey in the wall which will attract other insects or possibly another swarm of bees in the future. if i was in orlando i'd help you out. if you haven't got rid of the bees yet, check out in their swarm removal heading to find an experienced beekeeper near you. however, most people charge for this service. keeping the bees are not always an option. they could be aficanized honey bees and most people don't want these. also a trap out this late in the year will most likely not be able to build up a hive and enough honey to make it through the winter. so getting someone to take them away for free is doubtful.

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