Umbrella Bamboo is Spreading!?

Alex_K82September 30, 2012

I purchased three Umbrella Bamboo plants in July to create a hedge along my backyard fence. I chose this type because it is a clumping variety and I did not want to introduce anything invasive. However I am concerned because I am noticing rhizome growth way beyond the expected rate. (2-3 feet in one case) I am concerned that I have actually planted a running variety. Anyone with experience or suggestions please help!

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Looks like a running bamboo rhizome.

Are you sure it is coming from one of the plants you recently planted?

Maybe you received a plant that has two kinds of bamboo growing in it.


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Never having heard of "Umbrella bamboo," I Googled it and it appears to be an invented name for Fargesia murielae, which is indeed a tight clumper. Your picture definitely looks like a running bamboo rhizome, so, either you don't have a clumper, or you have, as kentuck observed, another bamboo growing with it. It would help to have a better picture of what the plant looks like.

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