Banana tree flowering?

pajonkOctober 7, 2006


I live in poland so the weather conditions are not very good for growing banana trees:) but i do what i can to make my banana grow good. i have it indoors right next to the window (southern side - plenty of sun) it`s 1,5 meter high in a 60cm pot. it`s about 3-4years old now. my question is - is there any chance for my banana to flower? what can i do to help my tree to produce flowers? the plant looks ok - it`s very green and healthy. please give me some advice. thank u for help! cheers

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

pajonk, I live in the same growing zone that you do, which happens to be zone 6. So your plant is almost 5 feet tall. I grow mine in the ground. Do you have enough space to do that in your yard? From what I've seen it's very difficult to get bananas to fruit in a pot. I'm not saying that it can't be done, but it's hard and takes a long time. Just putting it in a window may not do the trick. What I suggest is that if you have the yard space, plant your banana in the ground outside. Just before the first frost comes, dig it up, remove the leaves but keep the unfurled leaf on the plant. Store the banana plant in a cool (not freezing) dark place until next spring. No water or light what so ever. Plant them in the spring and the bananas will get MUCH taller than in a pot. My bananas are now about 12 feet high! pajonk, read this thread here that I created about my banana growing experience this summer. I started them outside in the spring, one was overwintered outside as well.

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