mold in the honeycomb

vicki_mildenstein(5)May 5, 2013

I am not yet experienced in beekeeping although this is my third year of trying! I have two hives and they both appear to be healthy with lots of bees. Today was the first time I opened up one of the hives and discovered blue looking something? in the uncapped cells. Appears as if it might be mold. I think I made a mistake in leaving supers on both hives and no queen excluder. In addition to the moldy looking stuff I have brood in with the honey. The one I opened up today has a very heavy middle box. I expected it to be very light but could not lift it easily so I put it back on and closed up the hive.

What steps, if any would you take to control the mold and what can I do to alleviate brood in the honeycombs and not have this problem again?

Vicki in Iowa

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Queen excluder should have nothing to do with,..too much room for a small winter population is most likely the culprit.
Dead bees on the bottom with poor ventilation can add to the problem.
Take honey super off before winter is important.
Do early hive inspection in spring, clean, move combs, some outer honey frame move in a little.
Perhaps they only need one box now,...that's what they should have and no more.
Mold doesn't happen in a box full of bees.
Perhaps salvage some mold frames, scrape off mold and see if they take it, set the box aside.
Sometimes I feed honey combs on top of the hive cover in another box. Hive cover would have a hole in the middle so they can come up and take as needed in spring and fall,.taking it down to fill empties.
They don't consider honey above their home, [outside/above cover] to be their home, so you can call they would rob the honey.

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