When to transplant Blue Java?

Elbourne(8b)October 28, 2013

I planted a Blue Java (ice cream) banana this past spring. In the middle of the summer it shot out two pups. I separated one and planted it elsewhere. Yesterday I noticed three more pups shooting out. My goal is to have a nice blue java banana grove, so I want to separate these and spread them out. When is the best time to transplant? I'm on the Mississippi gulf coast.

btw, in a totally different place on my property, I have an unidentified banana variaty. I've had these for several years. I have not really taken care of them much. I think I planted three. I have separated and given away about 8-9 of them and right now there are about 18, or so, growing in that one little clump. I will probably seperate them out and fill a 15'X30' location.

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before I went to all that trouble I would find out if I had an actual blue java or not..theres a good chance not. In which case you have to decide do you want the banana you have or a blue java.. if your on the gulf cost I would say april to sept would be fine to transplant

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Why do you say that there is a good chance that my plant is not a Blue Java?

I bought it from http://www.bananaplants.net/

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.bananaplants.net/

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At some point the TC got mixed up and 99% of the time what is sold as Blue Java is usually tall Namwah. not every case but most. The people I know with blue java have fruited it and know for sure and they are the ones to go to for pups but most place green earth, agristarts, and all the rest usually sell blue java and it ends up as tall namwah

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from what I understand a while back argistarts and a couple other companies sold supply mislabeled as "Ice Cream" when they were really "Namwah". it became a bit of a mess not knowing what was what. there are a few features that can help you identify which you have. on another note, I have tried the fruit of "blue java" and at least to me, its not all its cracked up to be. I have heard several people say the namwah fruit is better.

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I was about to be upset, until you said that Namwah fruit might be better. I will try to post some pictures of what I have.

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That is what I hear as well..it mostly for the blue fruit people want it but as far as taste everyone says Namwah is much better

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Here is my Blue Java, at least that is what I bought. How can you tell the difference between a Blue Java and a Tall Namwah?

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I bought this one as an Ice Cream. Is it? I haven't had it long - this is the first fruit.

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