pods on amaryllis

happygirl-gardenerJune 20, 2010

This year after my amaryllis bloomed, I noticed some pods on a stem. Are these seed pods. I have had this plant for 5 years and this is the first time it has made these pods. Thank you Happygirl

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Dear Happy Girl...you should be happy!! Those are seed pods. Let them continue to grow. Once they are mature they will split and you should collect the seeds immediately. What kind of amaryllis do you have??...or rather, who is the mother/father of these seeds? They are most likely "selfs" if the plant pollinated itself and you can get some really nice blooms!

Search this forum for the 2 methods of sprouting seeds, either "floating" them in water or "sowing" them in soil. Searching the forum should give you more than enough information on what to do once the seed pods are ripe!


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Don't let the papery seeds fool you there is a seed in the middle of each somewhere. For me a beginner I found placing them on soil is the best way as last time I tried soaking the until they sprouted. Being as I didn't know what I was doing when I trans-planted them all died, but this year most sprouted. I also found something likes to eat them so one pot I got quite a few but the other where snails were I only got 3 seedlings. Not sure if it was snails but something got them so I only have 15 sprouts where I should have at least 100 or so. But the fun is in learning and the joy of watching them grow. Even with what I have some will find new homes as soon as they are ready to be trans-planted. Enjoy the fun in learning and enjoy your new plants. So far mine only look like little blades of grass but I am looking forward to when they become large enough to plant again

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