What Pest Is Causing These Holes?

sqftdesertAugust 6, 2014

Any ideas of what is creating the holes in these leaves? The leaves in the picture are Amaranth, Basil & Callaloo. However, the holes are also in my sweet potato, gynura, malabar, pepper & kale leaves.

I cannot find any insects on the leaves. Because of the rate of holes appearing, I am suspecting maybe beetles of some type or perhaps a leaf miner, even though I can't find either.

I've sprayed Neem Oil / Sal Suds / Garlic Oil BT / Spinosad but the holes continue.

Any ideas?


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My leaf damage is from catepillars. I look at about dawn 5:30 am and find the culprits.

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Really, I would have guessed small beetles as well. Either way, I expect the advice given of checking at dawn will ID the culprit(s). Let us know what you find. Picture(s) would be nice.

As for solution, is the damage so bad as to warrant doing anything?

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I've been looking at 5am & evening. Either its happening in the middle of the night or during the day when I'm not home.

The damage is extensive but random as to plant type and location in the garden (it's 100ft long) and since the pests aren't present on the leaves, that's why I considered beetles as my primary suspect. They can come & go irregardless of time of day.

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