starting bannas from seeds?

stevr59October 23, 2006

hey every one i wanted to ask how hard would it be to start a banna tree from seeds and and what kind of soil and other tips

should i use and do the seeds need to be fresh or dryed before planting

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Hi, Growing bananas from seeds is very hard and only non edible types are produced. Tissue cultured starts is by far the best way. You can make tissue cultures youself with alittle equipment and practise. ted at greenearth

Here is a link that might be useful: banana growing info

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I am sorry last reply sounded more like a ad for his site. I have grown many banana plants from seed. Try buying them on ebay(cheap) I start them in peat pots (domed container) I move them into 4 inch pots after a month or so. Good Luck!

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

The first bananas I started from seed were a few esente ventricosum ordered from Park Seed . I just used a little greenhouse setup with the peat pots that expand in water. I also used a heatmat (however some people also sprout them on other warm surfaces like a tv (like I recently sprouted some papayas) or refrigerator, water heater etc). Some people also have better results by 'cycling' the temperatures of the heat source. This is raising and lowering the temperature. Just keep them damp but not soggy. It took mine about a month. It depends on how fresh the seeds are. I also soaked my seeds overnight in water with a few drops of H202 before planting. But that probably isnt necessary. Once you see green poking up you need to take them out of the 'greenhouse' and put them under grow lights or a sunny window. My first esente are about 6ft tall now and I still keep them in pots.

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