August Gardening Activities

haname(z9 AZ NE Phoenix)August 7, 2011

What's going on in your yard and garden this month? Planting, harvesting, reworking something? Please share!

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I'm in the process of pulling the melon plants and planting winter squash and winter melons. I will also be replanting root crops and planting Asian vegetable and Cole crops before the end of the month. And not to be forgotten snap peas and snow peas and English peas will be planted by the 30th.

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I just bought a house and moved in so i'm redoing the back yard to give me a place or 2 to garden in.

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Harvesting Armenian cucumbers ... LOTS of them.

Harvesting tomatoes - I have two varieties that are doing OK, an unknown variety from India (perhaps Pusa Ruby or related variety) and a paste tomato called Royal Chico that was claimed to do well in the heat.

Matt's Wild Cherry tomato has put out a huge number of new flowers and the bees are active. It might set fruit.

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crista(Sunset 13)

I'm in watching mode: have crenshaw and watermelons riping but not ready to pick. The zucchini took a break and are starting to produce again, and my yard-long beans are starting to blossom. Have a couple of volunteer tomato plants that are growing but no blossoms yet, and the birds have discovered the seed heads on the sunflowers. I'd like to get some edamame planted this week, but have to till and amend the area I want to plant them first.

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Still harvesting and canning tomatoes. Waiting on the egg plant, still a little green. Pulled all the zucchini plants and started new ones will get some from them before Oct. The hot peppers are a little late but loaded with fruit. Pulled out some of the pickling cuc's they are starting to die. Had a few ripe cantalopes most are still green. The grapes and pears are getting close. At the end of this month will start the winter lettus and spinich.
???Thisisme---What kind of winter squash and melons???????????????

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Great discussion! It's always fun to see and hear what's going on in everyone's garden.

I don't have any big projects right now, though I do have a lot of minor tasks that I'm working on: trimming oleanders, tying up rambling plants (Harrisia cactus, pomegranates, African "ocotillo", etc), adding trellises, and general garden maintenance chores.

I AM however, really enjoying my little garden--it's just full of blooms and foliage and life (bees, birds, lizards, snakes). I sit outside on my covered patio each morning with coffee and the newspaper and soak it all in (before it gets too hot) and then do quiet garden chores each morning.

Echinopsis and Harrisia cacti keep having sporadic blooms, the lantanas are just covered in blooms (and butterflies), bougainvilleas, oleanders, mile-a-minute vine (Merremia) are all in constant bloom, and the daturas (D. meteloides) are all flowering like mad, perfuming the garden each night and morning. My honeysuckle vine is still tossing up the occasional bloom, and the plumerias are looking good. All in all a beautiful time of year in the garden, despite the heat. Below are a few pics from this month in my little garden. I hope you'll take a look and enjoy. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing other updates too.

Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet' hybridized in Florida in the 1920's

Big red glazed pots with cacti, and a datura (D. meteloides) bloom sneaking in at the bottom left.

Echinopsis 'Los Angeles' with several blooms and several bees. :)

Take care and happy gardening,

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What is wrong with my Armenian cucumbers and lemon cucumbers? Loads of male flowers, no female flowers, no fruits. I've tried different locations, different fertilizers, this year has been very cucumber less. Only about five or six cucumbers, total.

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tracydr------Did you check for cucumber beetle? They got to my cuc's and Zuc's this year and no more flowers or fruit. Didn't have a problem last year.

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No cucumber beetles. I think I may have the yellow stunting virus that is passed by white flies. I had just a few white flies but then a few weeks ago, my Armenians started showing signs of chloriosis. I guess that's the sign of the yellow stunting melon virus. Kind of new, they discovered it in Mexico and Yuma melon crops about six years ago. The leaves look identical to mine. The lemon cuke, which I pulled, looked the same way. I'm going to pull, replant and really spray with soap spray to keep the white flies down.
Thissime, are you starting your peas indoors? I'm wondering if germination will be lower because of high soil temperatures? I had a really poor bean germination because soil temps were too high. I'm going to try planting some pole beans indoors and transplanting.
I'm working on filling some new beds and putting more compost in existing beds that settled. Going as fast as I can, given the heat. Need to get fencing up to keep the chickens out and then I'll plant the fall stuff. I'd like to plant pretty much everything. I got a huge box of seeds from Pinetree.
Tomorrow, since it's so hot, I'm starting seeds indoors on my new plant stand that hubby welded lights onto!

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Just finished building a large dragon fruit trellis, and Just planted the varieties halleys comet, and vietnamese white on it.

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