mice mess

mrtulinMay 25, 2011

Just wanting to share the disgusting experience of opening the hives in spring and finding piles of smelly mouse nests and droppings in both hives. The fronts were blocked with a mouse guard but there were tiny chinks at the bottom board. I had a rough year of honey production, but there were beautifully drawn foundations just waiting for this year's bees. Not. Every frame in the brood chambers was chewed up. Did I mention the smell?

Tell me how to better mouse proof my hives. Could removable rope caulk be used around the bottom board and hive body? Also, besides scraping, washing well and airing is any other treatment of the bottom board necessary? Any advice or instructions welcome,


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

That's too bad!..Looks like you lost your hive..are you installing
a package?
You might want to invest in a new bottom board, with sound equipment mice can't get in. Same with brood boxes, when put together properly, [flat & square] there is no gap on the bottom board.
I usually wash the bottom board wit hot water, detergent and
a little bleach in spring. Clean out the rest as good as you can...bees will take care of the rest. Dead bees inside cells...don't worry, bees will remove them.

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Yep, bought a new bottom board last night and will wash, bleach and sun dry the old one. Save it for some one who needs it or if (big if) I ever start a third hive.

Yes, I lost both hives last winter. It was a brutal winter, but not more than your zone 3, and yours winter over. Even though we insulated and there was honeycomb and syrup, they didn't make it.

I'm determined, so I keep buying new bees....

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