Spraying insecticide on farm

Patty_WyJune 16, 2011

Last year we had a horrible grasshopper population that did a lot of damage. Today my husband and I noticed the baby grasshoppers are already causing damage in our sanfoin and alfalfa fields. He thinks if the grasshoppers aren't sprayed soon they could devastate our corn and hayseed crops as well. What can I do to protect my honeybees while he is spraying these worthless pests?

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

You can lock them up for several day's if needed.
I've never done it but been reading about, use screen and cover
bottom and top entrance, you can staple it down. I would add
shade to keep them cool and a bit dark around the entrance, perhaps leaning a piece of plywood against. Make sure you have a top hole for good ventilation.

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move them to a different area. bring them back when you think its safe for them.

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