Dwarf Banana hit with frost....

gsevensOctober 13, 2009

I bought a dwarf banana tree from Gardeners Choice earlier this year. It grew a total of 9 leaves so far. It is planted in a 5 gallon pot. Sunday night it dropped to 31 degrees. I have since brought it into the house. I guess it is actually supposed to be an ornamental plant. It takes 5-7 years to bear fruit. All the leaves have turned brown and drooped. The stem portion of the upper few leaves still has a little green left in it.

Is this thing toast, or will it survive?



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sfhellwig(6a SE Kansas)

The plant itself will be fine once it recovers, but you did just loose all your leaves so it did take a setback. If you were going to grow it indoors I guess this would be as good a time as any to bring it in and leave it in. It should acclimate and start putting out new leaves, however smaller than they were. If you were going to put it to sleep in dormant storage now would be the time to do that. First frost is what some of us use to gauge digging time.

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Thanks for the info.The plant has been in the house for 2 days. The leaves are shriveling up slowly. I expect it to go downhill for a bit before it starts to look better. If I had only brought it in one night earlier. Oh, well. I guess you live and learn.


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I would just cut off all the damaged leaves (which I guess is all of them). It will send up some new leaves in about 2 weeks if given water and sun. Some people cut off their banana leaves for storage so that shows that yours is in no trouble.
Good luck.

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I am currently growing 2 Super Dwarf Cavendish under grow lights in the basement. I woulnt give up hope until it has either rotted or dried up entirely. Bananas can be stored like most bulbs are but don't let it freeze as you already seem to know your best bet would probably be to remove it from the soil if it is showing no signs of new growth and store it like a bulb. You will likely loose all of the follage but you may be able to save the rhizome and start over next spring. When you plant it follow what I call the 50-50 rule (minimum temperature 50F and minimum humidity 50%). If your plant does survive or you start over again and want to keep the plant actively growing bring it in before night temps fall to 50 and I recommend the 'Super Dwarf Cavendish'. They aren't supposed to grow over 3 feet tall and they fruit. I keep an average temperature of 75F and leave some standing water to keep humidity up ideally between 55% and 80% and they continue to push out a new leaf about every day.

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