Growing Bananas from seed this winter

andyandy(6bMI)October 5, 2005

Last week I posted a question about growing bananas in a zone 6 climate. I received many helpful answers that I want to thank everyone for. I've researched everyone's tips and have just 1 more question. Can anyone tell me if I can obtain banana seeds right now and plant so they will grow in my house over the winter? If so, where from?. what's the best way to germinate banana seeds? M Bansjoo and E. Venticosum look like the best bets. If anyone else can suggest something better I'm all ears. MY palms are slow growers indoors over the winter but it sounds like some of these bananas can grow fairly swiftly. I would plan on planting outdoors next spring.

thank you for the input and keep it comimg,


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mugsie(6 PA)

I purchased several seed varities from Seedman about 3-4 weeks ago with the exact same intentions you had - starting them over the winter for planting outside in the spring. I planted them in some pie tins with a heating mat underneath. About 3 weeks into the project I had the first Ensette poke up, a day later another and about a week later two more. I ialso had a Red Tiger sprout too. Now I have 5 plants under grow lights in my mud room! They are growing at a tremendous rate and I've had to raise the lights (2 40w grow lites in a shop light fixture) already. I expect by the time spring rolls around they'll be a couple of feet or more high!. The other seeds are still sleeping but the literature says it could take several months to start so I guess I'm fortunate on these already. Pick up a couple of packets and try them. I live in zone 6, eastern Pa so the intention is to plant something cold hardy, mulch and take through the winter next year. Good luck....

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