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Will07(5)June 12, 2013

Excuse my ignorance, it is the first time I've grown an amaryllis. My bf got me one in a box for valentines day and I'm familiar enough with them to know when i looked at the bulb that it wasn't going to flower this year. I didn't mind and planted it. It's now outside for the summer, in full sun and the leaves are nice and stiff, it looks better than ever. So my question is, when do i bring it back inside? should I leave it outside until the frost and let the frost kill off the leaves? or bring it in and keep it in a sunny window? I don't have a lot of room so I'd prefer if I could just store it away when i bring it in. What is the best solution?

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There is no need to excuse yourself, we all were there. What kind of bulb is it? Please can you support us with any pictures in the future.
Depending on the region I always read that the best time to take the bulb back in the house is around August - September. If the weather is nice and warm. You must not leave it for the frost as it will damage the bulb itself, not only freeze the leaves off.
When brought back inside you can either cease watering and allow the leaves to dry off naturally and cut them. Then put the bulb in a shady and cold place. I know some of us keep it in the fridge.
Or you can keep it growing in your house and enjoy the foliage the whole year.

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Here is a pic of the plant and the box it came in. I really dislike the pot because it has no drainage holes and it seems much too small. I was going to repot the plant but it seems to be doing really well.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA) is doing great with 11 leaves! If it were mine (and it's not) I'd pot it up in a larger pot with good drainage to allow the roots to really grow and the bulb to bulk up. It would be awful to lose the bulb to rot due to no drainage!!

If you read the FAQ, that might help you with your fall schedule, but I think you are doing great with this bulb.

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That plant looks AMAZING! It's much happier than my plants! I agree with the advice to put it in a bigger pot that has drainage holes. -Tina

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