Colony Collapse Disorder CCD

omygoddessJune 30, 2007

I have been looking at the "information" on the web re: CCD.

It is my personal opinion that this "disorder" is not being looked into seriously. I read that a researcher thought he was on the right track, but now he has no more funding. Losing funding, is the first step to a scientist being generally discredited. The second step is they are not allowed to publish in any serious journals usually more drastic measures are not needed...

The people who do have the funding have already dismissed GMOs as a crackpot idea. We cannot count on the government to step up and look into this, since Monsanto is nothing more than a gangster mob that terrorizes farmers and is deeply embedded financially in the government.

Anytime the news agencies say that something is mysterious, outright reject ideas that have not been proven wrong yet...sounds like disinformation. We're not going to get real info. from the news -- just more Paris Hilton coverage.

The most plausible explanation I havbe seen is that the pollen from genetically modified crops are harming the immune systems of the bees. Specifically causing the gut of the bee to become permeable by fungi and other natural organisms that have been around for years. That is why it is so difficult to pinpoint any one cause. Also, nicotine based pesticides may be a factor, and the more stress the bees are subjected to only increases the likelihood of this syndrome.

I guess everyone missed the fact that GMO corn is harmful to monarch butterfly larvae (not a "target" organism of the GMO corn.) It was a tiny article in my local paper, buried in the back section. I never ever heard another thing about it. It disappeared, and now there are only mild, inconclusive references to it on the web. I guess I am the only one in the world who saw it. Anytime I mention it, I am looked at like I am a crazy conspiracy theorist.

To the best of my understanding, the way that gentically modified plants are produced, is to increase the natural pesticide that is already present in the plant. Also, plants that have a high level of naturally occuring pesticide (lectins) are harder for human beings to digest. I am sure there must be other implications for GMOs as well, but it will probably not be studied by "mainstream scientists."

I read with dismay that instead of trying to find the cause, already many of the reasearchers are now trying to find alternative ways of pollination.

It is not a new idea to reject the existence of something that has too many variables. Also, Monsanto, the gangsters of the GMO world, will never allow anything to get into the public media that implicates their product.

I am not a scientist. My boyfriend is a beekeeper. This is my personal opinion.

The best thing to do is for beekeepers to develop a cure, do not publicize it, share it with other beekeepers and go on about your business.

One idea would be to go organic with your bees. Another idea for communities is to establish 3 colonies of bees per acre of land. That way all the wild plants and home-based gardens will stand a chance of being pollinated.

Another idea: establish a volunteer think tank with lots of smart people, scientists, beekeepers, etc. that are not connected with GMO money in any way.

I have read that the smaller, hobbyist, and organic bee populations are being affected less by this. I do not think that wild bees would be particularly immune, but who knows, maybe the medicines that are used with commercial bees are another stress factor that weakens the bees immune system.

I hope my input will cause some serious thought to this. The only way to produce new ideas is to participate in forums like this.

I am not a scientist and do not know the answer. I do not think I am being alarmist here. I am being realistic.

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omygoddess, It's interesting that I had just posted a reply to some one's comment about the lack of bees and mentioned that we need more small scale farms and beekeepers. When things get going on too large a scale, they sometimes get out of hand ind it becomes all about the bottom line. Two examples are the news about Adee Honey Farm,( I believe the largest US operation) being fined $14,000 dollars for illegal use of pesticides to treat their colonies. In the July issue of American Bee Journal there is news about beekeepers in China using illegal methods such as mixing penicillin and other antibiotics with sugar water that they feed the bees. All this for the almighty $$ In 2006 the US imported 74.8 million pounds of honey from China. Buy from your local farmers and beekeepers and it will be better for everyone

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tonybeeguy, thanks for your input. I did not know about those unscrupulous beekeepers. The only beekeepers that are going to be successful in the long run are those that truly care about their bees. Try to force the bees out of their natural course, and they will die, not to mention the far reaching effects of misguided and unintelligent "management" that threatens the health of all bees and the ecosystem at large.

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