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goldenoldie99June 5, 2009

My French neighbours (I live in France) are keen for me to re-activate an unoccupied, but previously used hive.

OK, so I know how to clean it; they've told me how to "bait" the hive, so bees will get in and stay there.

But what else do I need to do? How do i get to the honey? When can I expect some?

Any advice (even, don't do it!) would be helpful.

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WOW! Where to begin? Are your French neighbors Beekeepers themselves who could possibly mentor you? Is there a local beekeeping club or group nearby?
If not, you should probably go to www.beesource.com a very large bee keeping forum that has a lot of answers, or a large library which may have some beginning beekeeping books on the shelves.
If you decide to do it, you'll love it!

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regattagirl(4a Minneapolis)

This blog is tremendous:


When I got interested, I started reading from her first post forward and learned along with her successes and failures.

It reads like a story so you learn in a much less linear way. And then you will know WHAT to ask on the other boards and forums.

Please email me for a few other intersting sources but I HIGHLY recommend starting with Linda.

Here is a link that might be useful: Linda's Bees

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

If you have no experience, you most likely don't succeed.
Take classes and join a group.

Here at Beesource you get quick help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Here at Beesource you get quick help!

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Thanks for your help.

No clubs nearby, no local help, as we live in the middle of nowhere. So, will do it all online. Neighbours are not professional beekeepers, they are peasant farmers (in the nicest sense possible).

So here goes...

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Don't worry, you can do this. What you need to start with, regardless of whether or not you have a mentor or a club available, are books! Pickup some beekeeping books and fill your head with as much information as possible. Start with starter books like "Beekeeping for Dummies" and then read "The Backyard Beekeeper." These two will start you off with what you need to know. There will be a few variations since you are in France. Each country has the tendency to have different equipment. France uses equipment very similar to the UK, which isn't that far off from what we use here in the U.S. All of these have removable frames within a wooden hive body. Don't stress about the differences so much as gaining an initial sense of confidence that this is possible to do and you know the answers to some of your most basic questions. How the honey is stored and how to go about removing the excess honey is all explained within beekeeping texts. Clubs will further your information by telling you the tricks of the trade and which tools seem to work better than others. Mentors are great, but only if they hold the better knowledge. It sounds like you already sense that you need a better source for your beekeeping information than your neighbors can give you. Books and practice can work for you when clubs and other beekeepers are not available. Good luck, I think you'll do well.

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