Bees in fountain

plaserJune 19, 2005

I have been searching the site and have not found any information on keeping bees out of fountains. I personally don't mind bees getting water from wherever,however I caught my five year old son wacking the bees that were drinking water. The bees are very docile they don't attack even when I spray the fountain to clean it out(dead bees)they just fly around until I'm done then resume drinking.My dog also likes eating them and will occasionally get bitten.I can't use chlorine, it will tear up the finish on the fountain and I'm not even sure if that would work,any help would be greatly appreciated,thanks.

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amymcg(z5 MA)

Once bees establish a spot to drink out of, it's hard to get them to stop. are they honeybees? Your five year old is old enough to be taught to leave the bees alone. And, if he doesn't listen to you, he'll listen to the bees when they get fed up with his swatting. Same with the dog. My dog just recently learned that my beehive is not his friend, and he that he should not put his mouth in the entrance to chomp on them.

The only way to really get rid of them would be to shut down the fountain for a period of time, and then hope they don't come back after you turn it back on. If they are honeybees and there is a beekeeper nearby, you might ask him if he is providing a water source for his bees.

As beekeepers it's our responsibility to provide a nearby water source to keep our bees out of our neighbors pools and the like.

Again, the only way to get them to switch would be to turn off your water source and at the same time have the beekeeper provide a water source closer to the hives. And, this may not even work.

The bees need the water to cool their hives. They make their own version of swamp cooler where they put the water in the honeycomb then fan it with their wings to evaporate it, creating bee air conditioning.

I think your best bet here is really just to educate your son, and let your dog learn the hard way.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Best of luck,


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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Amy has some good Ideas!

As already said, it's hard sometimes for beekeepers to have there bees stay "home" for water and other needs.
They are a bit like us, they think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence! LOL

You could perhaps lure them away from the fountain to another watering source in your yard but you would have to experiment with it.......I'm thinking of some "bait" like add into the water source a couple of drops of lemon grass essential oil, or a spoon full or so sugar water? but might just add another problem like whaps?

I'm running out of Ideas so first I would find out where the bees are coming from and see if the bee keeper is providing water for them!

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If you drain the fountain and provide a water source closer to the hive, you may want to add a little sugar to the water at first. Something to get their attention. Then as they rely on the water more and more, you can just add fresh water.

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Bernard_Bruxelles(z7 Belg)

also help them to have access to that water...

best way is to have floating plants on the water. the bees have then a easy place to go.

BTW: they like some chlorine in the water. That is why they like distribution water.

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