Small Hive Beetle in Seattle

ballardbeebopperJune 2, 2010

I started two hives this spring with packages from the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association. One of the hives became infested with small beetles that look exactly like photos of small hive beetles within the first two weeks of hiving. I've called everyone from the Dept. of Agriculture to the Beekeepers Association and nobody seems to know anything about them or care that they are here. Any advice? Surely somebody in Wa State is concerned or working on this?

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I would not worry about because in South Carolina they are everywhere unless there are tons of them one way to stop them is to put the hives in direct sun or keep the area around it raked and dry. Also chickens keep bugs away from the hive. Happy Beekeeping! -Alex

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I have a hive infected with SHB also. I built a beetle trap for mine and so far I have trapped about 275 beetles in about 3 weeks time. I know beekeeper 961 said don't worry about it but they can destroy your hive if you don't control them. You can get the plans to build your own or buy it already made at Click on DIY Small Hive Beetle Trap.

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