overwintering temperature

oppalm(6)October 24, 2006

I don't have a spot that stays 50* over the winter. I dug my bananas out last weekend. Should they survive in a 60-70* basement with no light?

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I have been overwintering my cavendishes in a dark 60-70 degree basement for several years now with close to 100% success. I've tried total darkness - behind black plastic and I've tried some with occassional light. Same sucess. Trim most or all leaves but the new leaf. Water very very little. Come spring, they will look like hell, but just remember to gradually introduce them to full sun light slowly.....Initially you may get some leaf burn. Although I only transplant them into pots now, I used to bring them inside in just a garbage bag. I did try burlap(and got some great pups) but it wasn't pretty...My musa basjoos stay outside. I put a 4'cage around each plant filled with white pine needles.

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Jurassic - thanks for the response. when you say water very very little , are you talking about misting the rootball 1-2 times per month or actually watering (lightly)the rootball 1-2 times per month.

I am concerned about the warmth and the banana wanting to grow and then just running out of energy.


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