How do I get rid of swarming bees in my yard?

swarmedJune 12, 2007

Hello. I'm new to these forums and hope someone can help solve my problem. I have a small swarm of bees in a tree in the front yard. We noticed them about 25 hrs prior to this writing. They are hanging in a clump on a branch in small oak tree, about 10 ft up. I would like to get rid of them without killing them. I know nothing about bees, except that they are important to nature, are major pollinators, and are on the decline worldwide.

I have already called the county agent and several beekeepers in my area. None of them seem interested in coming to capture the bees, and I have no experience, knowledge, or equipment to deal with these bees. I do not want to kill them, but they are less than 20 yds from my front door. I would appreciate any advice anyone can give to help me encourage these bees to move on. Will they move on eventually?

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thisbud4u(San Diego)

Generally, swarming bees do not attack, because they have nothing to defend (no honey, no children). However, I wouldn't try to remove them without a beesuit. I am really surprised that none of the local beekeepers want to help you. Geez, that's a real drag--certatinly wouldn't happen in our neighborhood. The bees won't stay in a clump on a branch for very long--they will try to find a real home within a day or two, so you can just wait until they leave. Unfortunately, they may decide to move from the tree to somewhere in your house, which would make the problem go from bad to worse. So, what's to do? Well, by any chance do you have a bee supply place locally? If so, you could purchase a standard beehive box, and put them in there. Or, you could put them in a box of some sort, and take them out of town. To move them at all, however, you'll need to either buy a beesuit, or figure out some way to cover yourself completely. Some form of netting over the head is essential--if bees are going to attack (not likely in this case, but there's no sense taking a chance), plus long overalls, leather gloves, workboots and trousers with the cuffs taped shut. That ought to keep you save. Hope this helps.

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When bees swarm they usually don't go far from the nest when they first leave the hive. They find a nearby spot like the limb of your tree and may stay for 20 minutes or so up to days. I had a swarm from one of my hives that hung out way up in a pine for around 6 days. As mentioned above, you should at least wear a veil for protection and light colored loose clothing. You can also use rubber bands on you pant cuffs. One way of getting the swarm involves putting a box underneath, on a tall step ladder or you can cut the branch and carry it down. Hold the swarm over the box and give the branch a sharp rap and the cluster should fall into the box, hopefully with the queen. If the queen isn't in they won't stay. I can't believe that no one in your area is willing to help. There's a good chance that by the time you read these replies, the bees will have moved on. You may be able to find some online videos of swarm removals. Good luck and let us know how you make out

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bandit_tx(z7-8 TX)

Leave them alone and they'll move on. A swarm may hang for a day or three, but they will eventually find a hive and move in. Until then, they aren't hurting anything and they aren't aggressive.

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Hi, I need help my neighbor got 12 hives of bees right next to my fence. We live in Kansas and we have homeowners association which will not allow me to have 6 foot fence. I cannot move around my fence and now I cannot go out to my back yard at all. IÂm highly allergic to sting from bees or wasps. I got stung already once and had to get shots to stop the reaction. I talked to my neighbor and ask him if he could move his bees because his 12 hives are setting 24 inches next to the fence. His response was that I need to get netting over my head and heavy clothing if I want move or to set outside. Right now his bees are swarming around my patio and me and my wife cannot leave the house.
I tried to give water closer to his hives as I learn from Internet. I found a lot of information about bee keeping and I know it can be done right. My neighbor is not willing to do anything and my wife is getting really upset. PLEASE HELP!!! What do I need to do to have peace and not be scared?

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How long has your neighbor had bees. Had you already been living there when he got them. or were you aware of them when you moved in? There are a lot of variables. It sounds like your neighbor is obviously not one to compromise, but I don't know the details of the situation. You can check with the city or town hall and see if there is an existing bee-keeping ordinance. If there is, it usually states a limit to the number of hives you can have and their location according to the size of your property. Also there is usually a minimum distance that you have to keep them from neighbor's property line. Being a beekeeper, I am pretty much opposed to ordinances against or controlling bees, but I also believe that any decent beekeeper should respect the neighbors around him and work out a reasonable solution for all involved. Also, common sense should play a big part.

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If your looking to get rid of your bees or swarm, google bee rescue in your local area! They will save the bees for a competitive price to the exterminators! In orange county contact or
Save the bees!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lovely Bees

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